This website is a catalog of various personal and professional work created to showcase some interesting projects I've done and to form a bit of a CV.

I'm a Mechanical Engineer by training, and primarily work as a mechanical designer, but have significant additional experience in fabrication, electronics and software.  My day job for the last 14 years has been as a Research Engineer tied to a fluid mechanics and heat transfer research lab at Georgia Tech. I moonlight at a small manufacturing concern Horizon Manufacturing, LLC. where we are doing contract manufacturing and some new product development.

To contact me, please use the following email:   I stay very busy, so a response may take a couple days.

The type/ interest fields use these keys:
SW: Software, MD: Mechanical Design, ED: Electrical Design, GT: Day Job related, HM: Night Job related

Note: It will take me a little bit to get this filled in.

SW A C++ X widget library
SW ED A project to design a graphics core within a FPGA.
SW A Mechanical (and other) CAD system for Linux
SW A PCB design program. Incomplete but close to useful.  KiCAD came along and paused my work on this.
Shredder Challenge
SW I had an independent go at the DARPA shredder challenge.
GT MD ED SW A device to fly an airfoil model in pitch and plunge within a wind tunnel. Part of a multi-year MURI program that involved our lab at Ga. Tech.
Bullet Traverse
GT ED A fun bit of high power electronics. Part of a project to dynamically move a cable suspended model within a wind tunnel at Ga Tech.
Pitch Traverse
GT MD A project to dynamically pitch a lightweight airfoil model within a small wind tunnel.
GT MD A high speed piston compressor to hook synthetic jets up to a duct flow.
Synthetic Jet I
GT MD A synthetic jet actuator for active flow control. Early career.
Synthetic Jet II
GT MD A synthetic jet actuator module for testing aero-optic effects. Early career.
Combustion Actuator
GT MD An airfoil integrated hydrogen fueled combustion actuator for active flow control wind tunnel experiments.
ED SW I needed an industrial motion controller and PLC for my own devices, but wanted to program in 'c'.
ED SW A vastly upgraded platform from ICNTRL 1. Lots more IO, Lots more processing power.
Retrofit I
SW MD ED My first automation project. Early career. Lots of interesting mistakes.
Lathe Retrofit
MD SW My second retrofit project. A cheap Chinese lathe CNC retrofit.
ED SW My third retrofit. I redesigned and reimplemented the control on an old Merlin robot from American Robot. This project involved the full implementation of the 6 axis closed loop control system including inverse kinematics, a UI, trajectory generation, and more all from scratch. A blown axis drive lead to the design of a replacement motor driver.
Bridgeport Retrofit II
MD ED SW My fourth retrofit, in progress.  A BPT series II R2E3. I'm developing the entire control from scratch.  A axis drive blew early in the process, so a new servo amp was designed and built.
Free Piston Engine
GT MD SW ED A crazy fun emergency project at GT. Early career.
SOV 2m
GT MD ED Smallish experimental facilities for lab and field tests of a GT power generation concept.
SOV 6m
GT MD A pretty big structure for a field test of the SOV concept.
Wearable Power
SW MD ED A project to create a wearable power prototype. An interesting failure.
ED SW A project to design and prototype the electronics of a compact CPAP machine. An interesting failure.
HM MD A dynamometer used to generate speed/torque/power curves
HM MD My first end-user product design.

The following are small software libraries I've written and frequently use.

A C++ callback object library. A required support library for libGx but useful standalone.
A C++ unix timer library for libGx
A C++ serial library. Generally useful.
A C++ image library with specialization for X11. A Q&D way to get pixels displayed.
A C++ rasterizer; used with libImg for vector drawing
A C++ render. Kinda GL like.