TVC = Tiny Video Core || Test Video Card

The TVC is set of VHDL modules that implement a small graphics core. Check out the demo pics for the most current output, and the current design document for an engineering overview.

The external goal of this project is to create simple and open 2D/3D graphics hardware.  My personal goal has been to fill out my CS knowledge and gain some digital logic design experience.

The initial design approach taken was to design the graphics core in a generic FPGA development kit, with an eye to later move the design into either a commercially available PCI-e development kit, or to a custom designed card.  As time as passed however, I've implemented two FPGA based SOC's for industrial automation tasks, and to me the attractiveness of a FPGA based SOC has grown.

The slow pace of the OpenGraphics project inspired me to do a quick-n-dirty hack/framework that implemented an external framebuffer on a FPGA development board.  I posted my initial effort to the OpenGraphics group ~6/15/06. I've since made further enhancements.   I have no particular connection to the OpenGraphics project beyond following the mailing list.

I welcome feedback and/or comments on the TVC's design and implementation.

As of now, this project has about four man-months of time invested in it.